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Playing Rules and Tournament Policies










The tournament will be held at the Big Horn Equestrian Center, which is located south of Sheridan on Coffeen Ave./Hwy 335; go 6 miles to the town of Big Horn, turn left on Bird Farm Rd./County Road 28 then follow the signs. If coming on I-90 from the south, take the Mead Creek exit, then left on 342, right on 87, left on County Road 30 then follow the signs!


Check in at the Holiday Inn in Sheridan, 1809 Sugarland Dr. A minimum of 1 team representative is required to check in a team; that representative can check in multiple teams. The players do not need to be present.


  1. Two (2) copies of the official team roster, signed by the authorized club registrar. This roster must include the minimum 8 players that were required when the team registered.

  2. Player and coach passes for all those listed on the roster; signed by the authorized club registrar.

  3. Signed (by hand or electronic) medical releases for every player.


All teams are guaranteed a minimum of 3 matches. There are gold and silver divisions only when the number of participating teams in an age group permits. Brackets are populated based on a review of each team’s performance at the qualifying events and the age of a team’s players and is at the sole discretion of the tournament committee.


  1. The game roster cannot exceed the maximum roster size (shown below) and NO player can play on more than one team in any division.

  2. All games shall be played in accordance with FIFA laws of the game, except as specifically superseded by these WYS rules.

  3. The referee may, at his/her discretion, add time up to 5 minutes. For late starts, the referee can shorten each half equally up to 5 minutes to re-establish the field schedule. The interval between halves shall be 5 minutes; the referee is the official timekeeper of the match.

Age Group

Game Length

Ball Size

Team Roster

Game Roster

Players on

The Field




2 – 20 minute halves







2 – 25 minute halves







2 – 30 minute halves







2 – 35 minute halves






  1. All player and coach passes and approved rosters will be checked at the field prior to the start of each game. If a player or a coach does not have an approved pass at the time of game check-in, he/she may not participate in the game or be on the player sidelines. NO EXCEPTIONS!

  2. The home team (listed first on the schedule) is responsible for providing the game ball (received during check in). The visiting team should have a tournament ball ready if needed.

  3. Any removal of a coach, assistant coach or team representative by a match official for unsporting behavior or what could be considered descent will result in a deduction of 3 points from the standings of the team that has caused the infraction.

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  1. Shoes must meet FIFA specifications.

  2. No necklaces, bracelets, earrings, belly-rings or rings of any kind will be allowed.

  3. Safety straps are required for players wearing glasses. Wire rims are prohibited – no exceptions.

  4. Hard or semi-hard casts of any kind must be covered with foam or other padding material and approved by the referee.

  5. All players on a team, including the goalkeeper, must wear similar uniforms with each jersey being numbered distinctly and no number being repeated.

  6. Home team (listed first on the schedule) will wear dark uniforms; visiting team will wear light uniforms. The home team will change colors if there is a color conflict.

  7. No undergarments may extend below shorts at any time unless of the same main color.

  8. All players shall have their jerseys fully tucked into their shorts.

  9. Cold weather attire and accessories made of soft material (i.e. gloves, a beanie, etc.) may be worn, but it will be subject to the referee’s approval.  In such case, the jersey must be the last layer.

  10. Sponsor logos are allowed on uniforms.

  11. Shin guards are to be worn at all times during the game and socks must completely cover them.

  12. If these is a uniform conflict, the home team must change jerseys, unless the visiting team chooses to do so.


  1. Unlimited substitutions by either team may be made, with the permission of the referee, at the following times:

    1. After a goal has been scored.

    2. Prior to a goal kick.

    3. At the beginning of the second half.

    4. After an injury stoppage (by either team), if the injured player is substituted

    5. Prior to own team’s throw-in.


Scoring: There will be no overtime or tiebreakers in the preliminary rounds.

  1. Teams shall be awarded points for games as follows:

    1. Win - 6 points plus 1 point for each goal scored (up to a maximum of 3 per game)

    2. Tie - 3 points plus 1 point for each goal scored (up to a maximum of 3 per game)

    3. Loss - 0 points plus 1 point for each goal scored (up to a maximum of 3 per game)

    4. Shutout - 1 point for holding the other team scoreless

    5. Any red card infraction will result in the loss of 3 points from the team’s standings.

    6. A team receives no points or other credit for more than 3 goals scored in any game.

    7. Total possible points per game are 10.

  2. The removal of a coach, assistant coach or team representative by a match official for unsporting behavior or descent will result in the loss of 3 points from the offending team’s standings.

  3. If a team is declared ineligible or if a scheduled team does not show for play, the game is a forfeit. In the event of a forfeit during preliminary games, the opposing team shall be awarded 8 points for the win, and the forfeiting team 0 points for the loss.

  4. If a team withdraws from the tournament voluntarily or is disqualified from the tournament prior to completion of all games in the preliminary rounds, each team in the flight shall receive 8 points.

  5. Coaches are encouraged to verify scores and points awarded on the official tournament score board following the completion of a game.

  6. All ties stand in the preliminary games.

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Tie breaking: If necessary, the tie-breaking procedure to determine seeding and/or which team(s) advance to a semi-final or championship match is as follows. Please note that “goals for” do not enter into the tie-breaking formula. There is no benefit for increasing the margin of victory beyond three goals.  Sportsmanship is paramount in this tournament.

  1. Results of head-to-head competition: Start with #2 if more than two teams are tied.

  2. Winner of most games

  3. Goal differential: Goals scored minus goals allowed to a maximum of 3 points per game. Winning 3-0, 5-0, or 6-3 would result in a +3 goal differential; there is no benefit to “running up” the score.

  4. Goals against: Fewest goals allowed in all games.

  5. Penalty kicks: If two teams are still tied after 1 - 4 above, FIFA penalty kicks will break the tie at a time and place set forth by the tournament director/committee.

Resolving ties in semi-final and championship matches

  1. If a semi-final or championship match is tied at the end of regulation time, the teams will have a 5-minute rest and 2 overtime periods of equal length, which will be played in their entirety; no sudden death.

  2. The overtime periods will be 5-minutes in each of the semi-final matches; 10-minutes each in the championship matches, with teams exchanging ends for each period with a 1-minute interval between periods.

  3. Should the game remain in a tie at the end of the two overtime periods, FIFA penalty kicks will be conducted.


  1. The referee’s Game Report will serve as the official game record.

  2. Immediately following the tournament all red card reports and proof of penalty served must be submitted to the WYS office.

  3. The tournament committee, the hosting club, WYS, tournament sponsors, or volunteers will not be responsible for any expenses incurred by any team (including entry fees) or tournament participants if the tournament is canceled in whole or in part for any reason.

  4. The tournament committee reserves the right to decide on all matters pertaining to the tournament that may not be addressed in these guidelines and its decision shall be final.

  5. During games, coaches and players shall be on the side of the playing field designated for teams; fans, parents and spectators shall be on the opposite side of the playing field, which will designated by the spectator lines. Spectators MUST sit on the opposite side of the field from the team. No one is allowed behind the goal area during a game.

  6. Only credentialed players and coaches will be allowed on the team side of the field.

  7. Coaches, players, and spectators will remain at least two (2) yards from the touchline. Players and Coaches are to remain in the designated technical area. No more than one (1) coach at a time may step away, if necessary, to impart tactical information to the players. He/she must return to the designated area soon after and cannot interfere at any time with the assistant referee’s movements.

  8. Neither the hosting club, tournament volunteers or WYS are responsible for the behavior of players, coaches, and spectators off the field or for damages resulting from such behavior, nor are they responsible for any injuries, which may occur to players, coaches, and spectators as a result of their participation at the tournament.

  9. The Referee Tent or referees’ gathering area is off limits to players, coaches and spectators, unless accompanied by a tournament official or representative or to retrieve a player pass. NO harassment or verbal abuse will be tolerated if retrieving a player pass is the reason given to approach the referees.

  10. Coaches and players committing breaches of the law may be ejected from the tournament at the discretion of the tournament director.

  11. Any player, coach, or spectator who, while participating in any tournament event, is found to be in possession of alcohol, illegal drugs, or weapons shall be banned from the tournament and appropriate notification shall be given to local law enforcement authorities.


  13. There will be individual first place medals and a team award for the Wyoming Cup Champion and individual second place medals for the second place Wyoming Cup Champion.

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  1. Any team not ready to play at the scheduled start time shall be granted a 15-minute grace period. Any team not ready to play at the expiration of the grace period shall be deemed to have forfeited the game. A minimum of seven (7) players constitutes a legal team.

  2. In the event that a team forfeits one of its preliminary games, the opposing team shall be awarded eight (8) points for the win, and the forfeiting team zero (0) points for the loss. In the event that goal differential becomes a factor in future tie-breaking procedures, the goals counted for the forfeited game shall be determined by taking the average of the goals scored and allowed by the team in their remaining preliminary games.

  3. If no referee is present within ten minutes of the scheduled start time, the match will be delayed and both coaches shall contact the field marshal. After consultation with the referee assignor and tournament director, the game may be rescheduled.

  4. If there is only one referee present and no assistants or one referee and one assistant for a preliminary match at the scheduled start time, the referee present shall commence the match using volunteer linesmen. Should the second or third assistant referee arrive at the field, he/she shall enter the match at an appropriate break in play and volunteer linesmen shall be relieved.


Based on circumstances involved, Wyoming Youth Soccer (WYS) may levy a fine of $100.00 per game for all games forfeited during the tournament. This fine may be dispersed to any team(s) adversely affected by the forfeiture(s). All fines will be assessed to the team’s association/club and must be paid within 30 days of the completion of the tournament. WYS shall have the authority to refuse entry the following year to any team from an association/club with unpaid fines at the time of entry.


  1. Team coaches are responsible for their players along with parents and guests on the sideline. Abuse from spectators or coaches will not be tolerated. Violations can result in forfeiture of the game and/or expulsion from further tournament play.

  2. No team or club official may enter the field of play, regardless of the circumstances, unless the person has been given permission to enter the field of play by the referee.

  3. Red Cards:

    1. Any player receiving a red card during a game will be ejected from the remainder of the game and will be ineligible for participation in the next game. This does include a championship game. The player card will be retained by the field referee and turned in at the referee headquarters with the official game card. The card may be reclaimed by the coach after the suspension has been served. All yellow and red cards will be recorded on the official game cards and will be reported to WYS.

    2. Coaches that are ejected from a game shall leave the field for the remainder of the game (at least 100 yards from the field) and will be ineligible to participate in at least the next game and may be banned from the entire tournament, at the tournament committee’s discretion. All coach ejections will be reported to WYS.

    3. Any spectator ejected from a game shall immediately move at least 100 yards from the field of play and may be ejected from the facility or may be ejected for the remainder of the tournament at the tournament committee’s discretion.

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  1. The tournament director or designee reserves the right to not allow a game to be played in inclement weather if there is a possibility of injury to players or damage to the playing surface. In the event of inclement weather, the tournament director has the authority to:

    1. Relocate or reschedule any game.

    2. Change the duration of any non-championship game. Preliminary games terminated for weather or other reasons after the first half of play shall be considered official.

    3. Cancel a match.

    4. Change the division structure.

  2. If, because of inclement weather or for other reasons, play is halted and the match cannot be finished during the scheduled time, the score shall stand if at least the first half of the match was completed. See 3 for championship matches.

  3. If a championship match is suspended for any reason, play will resume at a time, date, and location so designated by the tournament director. Championship matches will be played to completion even if play must be continued on a subsequent day and/or at a different location.


  1. Members of the WYS staff will have the responsibility of being members of the Conduct Committee and will review referee send-off reports.

  2. Conduct Committee assesses appropriate penalties based on published minimum guidelines.

  3. Conduct Committee findings are recorded at tournament headquarters.

  4. No appeals are allowed if suspensions are within the published minimum guidelines.

  5. When extended penalties are warranted, coaches and players must be notified as soon as possible.

  6. The WYS staff/Conduct Committee member(s) will notify the coach or player.


  1. The tournament protest and appeals committee will hear all appeals.

  2. All protests and appeals must be submitted by a team official as listed on the team roster involved in the game.

  3. The current WYS vice-president will chair the P&A committee. The P&A committee will consist of persons randomly selected from member associations and club representatives.

  4. All questions relating to qualifications or eligibility of competitors, interpretation of rules, suspensions, and disputes or protests shall be referred to the P&A committee, whose decision shall be final and binding.

  5. To be valid and eligible for consideration, protests shall be lodged with the referee and the opposing coach at the game site within fifteen (15) minutes after the end of the game. Additionally, the protest regarding a game must also be filed with the P&A committee within one (1) hour after the completion of the game in question.

  6. If the protest or appeal is based on a game on the final day of the tournament, the WYS vice-president must receive the protest or appeal within seven (7) days of the end of the tournament. The P&A committee will be convened by conference call to hear the issue.

  7. The only exception to rule 4 involves protests relating to the grounds, goal posts, bars and the appurtenances of the game, which must be in writing and submitted to the referee and the opposing coach prior to the start of the game. All other P&A procedures must be followed.

  8. All protests and appeals shall include the following:

    1. A non-refundable fee of one hundred dollars ($100.00) in cash or certified check; no personal checks.

    2. Five (5) copies of the protest or appeal.

    3. Five (5) copies of all information to be presented by witnesses.

  9. A plea of ignorance to the rules of this competition is not sufficient grounds for protest or appeal.

  10. The chairman of the P&A committee shall notify teams or players of the committee’s findings. Notification shall be via an association member if the coach or player cannot be contacted.

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The Conduct Committee shall act on all disciplinary matters and shall have discretionary powers in determining actions applied to team personnel and players. Game suspensions listed below are to be regarded as the minimum penalty for the charged offenses. Depending on the findings of the Conduct Committee, penalties may be increased according to the gravity of the infringement(s). When shown the red card and sent off the field of play for infringement of the “laws of the game,” players shall be disciplined by further game suspensions as follows:

  1. Serious Foul Play: Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to, intentionally impeding an opponent; denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity; denying an obvious goal-scoring opportunity by handling the ball; unlawfully charging or pushing an opponent; intentionally tripping, holding, or pushing; unlawfully charging or tackling an opponent from behind; charging in a dangerous and violent manner.

    1. All age groups: Suspend for a minimum of one (1) game.

  2. Foul and Abusive Language: Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to, words uttered in frustration and, in the referee’s opinion, loud enough to be heard outside the field of play.

    1. All age groups: Suspend for a minimum of one (1) game.

  3. Second Cautionable Offense: Issuance of a second yellow card during the same game.

    1. All age groups: Suspend for a minimum of one (1) game.

  4. Violent Conduct: Examples include, but are not necessarily limited to, spitting or other unseemly act on or at another person; striking or attempting to strike another player, team official or spectator; unlawfully entering the field of play during an altercation.

    1. All age groups: Suspend for a minimum of two (2) games.

  5. In addition, pushing during an act of aggression, striking or attempting to strike a referee, assistant referee or fourth official.

    1. All age groups: Suspend for a minimum of one (1) year and review by the WYS board of directors regarding further disciplinary action.

  6. Any player, substitute or team official who refuses the referee’s request for their name or gives a false name while the referee is gathering data to report on an infringement of the “laws of the game” involving them, shall have one (1) game added to the suspension that would normally be levied by the Conduct Committee.

  7. In certain situations, the Conduct Committee may place an individual on probation in addition to the suspension, for a period of time not to exceed the length of the suspension. The probationary period is to be served immediately following the suspension period and is intended to monitor an individual’s degree of reform. Should an individual on probation be sent off the field of play and shown the red card during the probationary period, the original suspension and probation shall be re-applied and no appeal will be heard.

  8. Coaches and assistant coaches sent off the field of play for infringement of the “laws of the game” shall have one (1) game added to the suspension that would normally be levied against a player for a similar infringement.

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