Description and Purpose: The US Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program is a national program that is designed to identify and develop talented, committed youth soccer players to represent their state, region, and country in soccer competitions. It is also intended to aid in the preparing and showcasing of the players as student-athletes for exposure to collegiate soccer programs.

The goal of WSA ODP is to provide players an opportunity to train with highly skilled coaches and improve their technical and tactical skills.

Birth years for 2017/2018: players born in the years 2002-2008 are eligible

WSA ODP Objectives: Identify, evaluate, and train highly talented youth soccer players. As part of this national effort, the Wyoming Youth Soccer Olympic Development Program (WSA ODP) is dedicated to developing the highest level of youth soccer within the state. This must be achieved in an atmosphere of integrity, fairness, and impartiality. The player's physical and cognitive skills and attitude must be the only criteria for participation in the program.

To achieve these objectives WSA ODP will:

  • Provide players the opportunity to train with highly skilled coaches from Wyoming

  • Improve the soccer technical/tactical skills and knowledge of Wyoming’s players

Participation: The US Youth Soccer / WSA ODP is for youth soccer players under 15 years of age as defined by USYS, and is open to all players regardless of race, color, creed, sex, or national origin. Participation in WSA ODP is open to any youth player, regardless of affiliation (or lack thereof) as long as the proper fees are paid and the player is within the program age groups.

Being a member of WYS ODP does not affect a player's ability to participate with their club team. WSA ODP participation, whether at the state, regional, or national level, is concurrent with club team participation and provides additional training and playing opportunities. Club players should be allowed by their club coaches to attend all WSA ODP functions.

Program Fees: includes training sessions, friendly games and scrimmages (when available) and training gear for players choosing Full Program or Pick 3 options. Players receive ongoing evaluation from the WSA ODP coaching staff. Program withdrawal date is September 1, 2017 to receive a full refund of any fees paid.
  • WSA ODP offers a sibling discount for each additional child/step child, after the first, who registers for the program. You select this discount after registering your first child at the program's regular fee. There is no sibling discount for additional training sessions.

Financial AssistanceAssistance is available to make WSA ODP participation possible, regardless of the ability to pay.