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Hello WSA League participants, Wyoming Soccer Association competitive club League is upon us.

Quick update on WSA qualifying rules for Wyoming Cup to be held in Casper May 27-29, 2017. Your TEAM must have played in an approved league, minimum (3) competitive games, AND attended a Wyoming Soccer Association sanctioned qualifying tournament that is not your own clubs event, and have a roster continuity of at least 80% for these events. These events must have occurred in Fall 2016 or Spring 2017 season, or a combination of both.

Given the multiple league venues, and the dates that we can attend league in an already busy soccer calendar we have some information for you.

League deadline was March 3rd originally, WE ARE EXTENDING IT TO MARCH 10TH, 5 PM. This will be a definite deadline and all teams must be entered by then.

League locations. We have multiple league locations available to us. We have decided upon this to allow other clubs to participate in hosting, give our players and families a shorter travel (hopefully) and allow the Casper facility to be in good condition for Wyoming Cup. The potential locations are Cody, Rock Springs, Buffalo/Sheridan, Riverton, and Worland. Given the multiple venues, and what their field and volunteer/referee base can handle, we will be scheduling games as they fit. What this means to you as participants is while you can request locations, it is NOT a guarantee that we can schedule them there. We will do our best, yet we also have to work within the location logistics.

League Dates. We have two weekends open to us. April 29-30 and May 6-7. When we combine these dates with the multiple locations, you can see how we can get overwhelmed with the possible combinations. You will get to request a date and location, yet as stated above we will do all we can to honor every request, but the reality is that we have to schedule what is best for the majority within the conditions of the location/date of the venues.

We are trying very hard to only have to travel to one location for all three (3) games, yet most likely you will have games both Saturday and Sunday.

Here are the dates and locations you will be able to choose from:

               April 29-30, 2017

                        Worland, WY

                        Riverton, WY

                        Rock Springs, WY

            May 6-7, 2017

                        Cody, WY

                        Buffalo/Sheridan, WY

So, get your applications in and let’s get our WSA players and clubs together for a great start to Wyoming Cup.




Registration for Spring League will Close on March 3rd at 5 pm

Draft Schedule will be available on or before March 9th

Final Schedule will be posted on or before March 17th

Each team must play a minimum of 3  games – requests should be made when the team registers for league.  There is no guarantee that requests will be accommodated – scheduling is based on the teams that register for league across the state. 

League Fees

U8                    $ 125.00

U10                  $ 260.00

U12                  $ 300.00

U14/15            $ 340.00

U20/16           $ 375.00


Failure to Perform

A team that refuses to take the field without cause, refuses to travel to a scheduled game without cause, or quits a game prior to its completion shall be noted by the referee on the game card and submitted to the league administrator. For the first instance the team’s club will be fined $150.00; for the second instance the team’s club will be fined $300.00. Any additional violations by the team or other teams from that same club will result in a disciplinary hearing by a WSA disciplinary committee

Player Age Exceptions

These exceptions apply ONLY to teams in Wyoming League:

  1. Wyoming League, unless otherwise communicated in advance by WSA, shall divide play among participating teams by the age divisions prescribed by US Youth Soccer. (See the Player Age Bracket chart at the WSA web site.)
  2. Wyoming League age groups can include U9 – U20 teams.
  3. A player is eligible to play in a specific age group so long as his/her birth date falls within the dates outlined in the Player Age Bracket chart.
  4. With the exception of the rules regarding U15 8th graders, no player may "play down" on a team, except as follows:
  • All exception requests must be submitted by the club president or if authorized, by the club registrar.
  • If a club does not have a team for 1 (one) over-age player the club president will submit to the executive director a statement attesting to that fact. Such statement must be submitted in the manner approved and provided by the state office.
  • If there are two or more over-age players the club can create a team for those older players; i.e. the existing team can "age up".
  • Teams with "playdowns" can not advance to regional events with the overage players on the roster (President's Cup and Far West Regional)

Under very limited circumstances the team roster can be expanded; the game roster cannot. Make such requests, including a brief description of why, on the team registration form.

  • Every team must have an official team roster and can present a different game roster for each Wyoming League game.
  • Team Roster: official listing of the maximum number of registered players eligible to play for a team. The team coach must have a copy of the official roster with him/her.
  • Game Roster: listing of registered players who will participate in a particular game. These rostering rules apply to Wyoming League only.
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