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Wyoming League


For Spring League 2014 to count towards qualifying for 2014 Wyoming Cup, teams must *physically play at least 2 games.

If a team has made plans, based on the original schedule, and cannot play on May 18, the team will first attempt to schedule make-up games. If, by these rules, make-up games cannot be arranged the teams involved will have to take a forfeit. A forfeit is zero points and will be counted as a completed game ONLY if a team has played a minimum of 2 of the 4 scheduled league games.

  1. The rescheduling team (Team) will contact the opposing team(s) within 5 days of receiving the NEW Casper/May 18 game schedule and offer 1 reasonable make-up date along with time and location. The Team must also assure field availability.

  2. The opposing team(s) shall have 48 hours to either accept the offer or provide an alternative If no agreement is reached within 24 hours the teams involved will be granted a forfeit.

  3. Once a new date, time and location have been determined the Team will contact the state referee coordinator to arrange for referees: Chris Wolf at or 307-272-8941

  4. RESCHEDULING or FORFEITING: The Team must also contact the referee assignor for the Casper/May 18 games no later than Friday, May 16. Failure to inform the referee assignor will result in the teams being charged the referee fees: Wendy Brown

  5. The referees will be responsible for entering the game scores. Please submit the game score using the game number from the May 18 schedule; scores can also be emailed to the league administrator: Jason Stratton at

    1. Referees may contact the state office to request game cards for rescheduled games. Please request using the game number.


In addition, if the team(s) must forfeit please email the league administrator the game number(s), including team names, that were forfeit. Jason Stratton at

* If your team absolutely cannot play at least 2 games contact the state office immediately.

Wyoming Cup Qualifying

To qualify for Wyoming Cup (WYS’s state championship tournament) a team must participate in Wyoming League, which consists of league games and selected, WYS sanctioned tournaments.

Options consist of Fall League, which is 4 games; Spring League, which is 4 games and at least 1 selected WYS sanctioned tournament.

The minimum, possible event combinations include:

  1. One complete league season plus two tournaments

  2. Two league seasons, plus a minimum of one tournament


Scheduling Considerations

Every season the teams that make up each division are very different. Because of this it is impossible to follow specific policies regarding travel and the level of competition within any age group. WYS does consider the following when scheduling games:

  • attempts to limit travel to no more than 200 miles one way

  • the availability of referees and fields in a given area

  • the age of the team

  • regional alignments, if practical

  • double header weekends if possible, especially for the younger teams

In addition, special requests regarding siblings on different teams or a coach with multiple teams cannot be considered and home games cannot be guaranteed.

Failure to Perform

A team that refuses to take the field without cause, refuses to travel to a scheduled game without cause, or quits a game prior to its completion shall be noted by the referee on the game card and submitted to the league administrator. For the first instance the team’s club will be fined $150.00; for the second instance the team’s club will be fined $300.00. Any additional violations by the team or other teams from that same club will result in a disciplinary hearing by a WYS disciplinary committee

Game Dates

  • Sunday, April 6


  • Saturday, April 19

  • Sunday, May 4

  • Sunday, May 18 (make up games)

  • U8 League games will be played May 17 &18 in Casper

  • Along with miscellaneous dates as set up between teams

Selected Tournaments

  • Casper Jam: April 12, 2014

  • Cody Shootout: April 26 & 27, 2014.

  • Snickers Big Horn Cup: May 10 & 11, 2014

Wyoming Cup - May 31 & June 1, 2014

Age Groups

  • U8

  • U9/U10

  • U11/U12

  • U13 - U15a (U15a is a team that has U15 8th graders)

  • U15 - U18 (fall only)

Player Age Exceptions - These exceptions apply ONLY to teams in Wyoming League:

  1. Wyoming League, unless otherwise communicated in advance by WYS, shall divide play among participating teams by the age divisions prescribed by US Youth Soccer. (See the Player Age Bracket chart at the WYS web site.)

  2. Wyoming League age groups can include U8 – U18 teams, including U15a teams. U15a teams can have as members no more than 3 (three) U15 8th graders; U15 players in high school are not eligible to play on a U15a team.

  3. A player is eligible to play in a specific age group so long as his/her birth date falls within the dates outlined in the Player Age Bracket chart.

  4. With the exception of the rules regarding U15 8th graders, no player may "play down" on a team, except as follows:

  • All exception requests must be submitted by the club president or if authorized, by the club registrar.

  • If a club does not have a team for one over-age player the club president will submit to the executive board a statement attesting to that fact. Such statement must be submitted in the manner approved and provided by the state office.

  • If there are two or more over-age players the club can create a team for those older players; i.e. the existing team can "age up".

  1. Except for U15 - U19 teams, any player that wants to play up three years or more requires that the player’s parents/guardians complete and submit to the player’s club and the state office the additional Accident Waiver and Release of Liability before the child can participate.



Complete and accurate home field information is critical to scheduling games. Each club is responsible for maintaining this information and using the system chosen by the state office. The WYS league administrator has the discretion to not schedule games for clubs that do not keep their home field information updated.


Team Details

  • U8 teams playing in the U8 division will play 6 v 6 with 11 on a game roster

  • U10 teams play 8 v 8 with 14 on a game roster

  • U12 teams will play 11 v 11; all 11 v 11 games will use a full sized field

  • Offsides is called for U10s

Roster Sizes
Age Group Team Roster Game Roster
U8 (no U6s) 14 11
U9/U10 18 14
U11 - U14 22 18
U15 - U18 22 18

Under limited circumstances the team roster can be expanded; the game roster cannot. Make such requests, including a brief description of why, on the team registration form.

  • Every team must have an official team roster and can present a different game roster for each Wyoming League game.

  • Team Roster: official listing of the maximum number of registered players eligible to play for a team. The team coach must have a copy of the official roster with him/her.

  • Game Roster: listing of registered players who will participate in a particular game.

These rostering rules apply to Wyoming League only.

Referee Fees and Match Length
Age Group Center Referee Assistant Referee Match Length
U8 $18 n/a 20 min/half
U9/U10 $20 $12 25 min/half
U11/U12 $25 $15 30 min/half
U13/U14 $30 $20 35 min/half
U15 - U18 $35 $25 40 min/half

Referees are to be paid in full at the BEGINNING of each match. Team listed as HOME TEAM on schedule pays referees.

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