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Risk Management & Safety

Wyoming Youth Soccer has developed a risk management program intended to identify and assess potential risks to our soccer community and to then monitor and minimize the probability and/or impact those risks could pose.

Managing risk includes simple things, like making sure players wear their shin guards to the sensitive duty of background checking coaches, volunteers and staff. The risk management program is based on the US Youth Soccer KidSafe Program that provides guidelines for creating the safest possible environment for WYS’s young participants, which include players and referees.

The objectives of the WYS KidSafe Program are:

  1. To review and recommend policies and procedures to ensure the safety of all participants

  2. To provide a background check program for volunteers, employees and others who are entrusted with the supervision and care of players and participants

  3. Assure all background check information is maintained in a secure and private manner, and within the law

  4. To provide secondary medical insurance for injuries suffered while participating in Wyoming Youth Soccer activities

  5. To provide policy recommendations and education for Wyoming Youth Soccer member associations to minimize liabilities and other manageable risks including financial risk

The program is established through the bylaws and Rules and Procedures of WYS.

BYLAW 602:

  1. The Association shall adopt rules and procedures to restrict or exclude from participation in its programs, sanctioned activities and the activities of its Affiliates any adult who will be responsible for the supervision, care and guidance of a minor.

  2. These rules and procedures will comply with the laws and statutes of the state of Wyoming and the Federal Fair Labor Standards Act (FLSA), and will be applied to an adult who has been:

    • Convicted of a crime(s) of violence.

    • Convicted of a crime against a person or child.

    • Convicted of a felony.

    • Convicted of a drug offense, whether a misdemeanor or felony, a DUI/DWI and/or a MIP.

  3. Such rules and procedures will be periodically reviewed and updated and will be used to guide authorized persons in making risk management decisions.

  4. Every WYS affiliated club or program will adhere to these Risk Management rules and procedures as approved by the WYS Board of Directors.

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