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Hosting an Education Clinic

WYS sanctioned training clinics for referees and coaches

WYS affiliated clubs are encouraged to request training clinics at the level most appropriate for its coaches or referees. A training clinic must be presented per the criteria and curriculum of US Youth Soccer and/or the US Soccer Federation for it to be sanctioned by WYS. Sanctioning will assure the club is reimbursed (per the reimbursement limits) for associated expenses.

How to Host a Clinic

Clubs can email training requests to the state office. Requests are forwarded to the appropriate staff, who will work with the club to coordinate the clinic. The club is responsible for finding an appropriate location. This can include a classroom where a computer and projector can be used and appropriate gym or field space. It is a good idea to have a backup location in case of bad weather.

  • Instructors are provided and/or approved by the WYS staff

  • WYS pays the fee for approved instructors and materials

  • Staff determines if a training clinic qualifies as a district clinic. Most expenses related to a district clinic are paid by WYS and could include:

    • Instructor(s) plus materials produced or approved by WYS.

    • The facility, lodging and meals for 1 instructor (more if the number of attendees justifies additional instructors.)

    • Mileage at the General Services Administration POV rate posted at the time of the clinic.

  • All candidates must register to attend. Generally, coach clinics use online registration, which is handled by WYS. Registration requirements must be met and all fees paid by the posted deadline.

  • Depending on the type of clinic, a minimum number of candidates is required for the clinic to take place.

  • Following the course, WYS will verify attendance and completion requirements to assure candidates receive their license or certification.

To request a clinic contact the state office at (307) 742-2306 or send an email to:

 Refunds and Cancellations

  • Candidates that cancel 48 hours in advance will receive a full refund; after that a cancellation fee will be assessed.

  • "No shows" will not receive a refund.

  • The hosting club is responsible for paying the fees for any member that does not pay or fails to cancel in the appropriate time.

  • If WYS or the club must cancel all payments will be returned or refunded.

Coaching Clinic Options

  • Youth Sessions: are designed to fit the needs of the club; 3 – 5 hours, focus on the needs of the U6 – U12 recreational player; no cost to participants or the club.

  • E license clinic: 18-hour course, over one weekend; fee is $85 per candidate.

  • D license clinic: 36-hour course, over two weekends; fee is $120 per candidate.

 WYS does not present C license clinics but will post information about clinics in surrounding areas.

Referee Clinic Options

The Soccer Federation/USSF is in the process of changing how referees are trained and certified. Training is expected to be more sequential, beginning with recreational youth/small sided games for a Grade 9, competitive youth games for a Grade 8, and adult games for a Grade 7. Because of this, training programs for each grade are being changed and significantly shortened in most cases. Currently, WYS can present the following training courses:

  • Grade 9 – young players and recreational and small sided games

  • Grade 8 – for older teams, competitive league and tournaments

  • Grade 7 – for adult games

Referee clinics will be presented after determining the needs of a club (or several clubs.) For example, two grade levels could be presented over a weekend with each grade being about 8 hours in length including field training sessions. Certain levels will have some preliminary requirements which could include online training.

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