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Coach Training

Wyoming Youth Soccer offers a graduated series of coach training courses along with links for advanced training opportunities in surrounding states. This progressive format allows coaches to determine the level of training that will best meet their needs.


US Youth Soccer Courses include:

  • D License: This is a 36-hour course that expands on the technical, tactical, and methodology introduced in the E Course. This curriculum is designed for coaches working with players who are U13 and older. The course includes both classroom (theory) and field (practical) sessions. The examinations include written tests, video testing and a practical coaching test on the field. There are two possible outcomes to the course: READY or NOT READY.

  • E License: The goal of this 18-hour course is to develop the core coaching competencies necessary to effectively teach 9-12 year olds the game of soccer. This course is also designed to establish a foundation of knowledge and experience in order to advance through the sequence of coaching development courses. Coaches will learn how to design age-appropriate training sessions, demonstrate and teach technical skills that build a foundation for the game, and will gain an understanding of the principles of attacking and defending in a small-sided environment.

  • Youth Module 1 for U6 - U8 and YM 2 for U10 - U12: These courses have an online section and an on-field event. Both sections must be completed to fulfill the course requirements. The U6 - U8 module focuses on age specific knowledge for U6 - U8 players such as the rules of the game, characteristics of the U6-U8 players and coaching techniques for this age group. The U10 - U12 module advances the U6-U8 course by adapting it for coaches with older players. Adaptations include: Rule changes, characteristics of U10 - U12 players and coaching approaches for players in this age group.

  • WYS will periodically host the USSF National Youth License as approved by US Youth Soccer and the United States Soccer Federation. The NYL focuses on the nature of children and the adjustments adults must make to coach them. The course curriculum covers ages 4 to 21. Each day of the course focuses on one of the traditional soccer age groups of U6, U8, U10 and U12. Each day children of the appropriate age group are brought to the course site for the candidates to work with in a practice training session. The candidates are videotaped while coaching the kids and the video is reviewed with each candidate to aid in the coach’s education. The course combines both classroom (theory) and field (practical) sessions. The course concludes with written, oral and practical examinations. The NYL course is six days.

  • U.S. Soccer conducts the C, B and A license courses. These courses focus on coaching teenage and adult players. Each course is nine days and combines both classroom (theory) and field (practical) sessions. The courses conclude with written, oral and practical examinations. The U.S. Soccer Coaching schools are conducted in January, June and July of each year. U.S. Soccer also conducts continuing education unit clinics. CEU clinics are offered throughout the country at various times of the year and often in conjunction with a U.S. National Team match. CEU clinics are mandatory for A licensed coaches.

US Soccer Coaching Education for FAQ

  • The NSCAA offers a number of courses to expand the educational opportunities for Wyoming’s coaches. For more information on NSCAA courses, click here or contact the WYS director of coaching. WYS and US Youth Soccer have established guidelines to determine compatibility between USYS and NSCAA coach training.

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