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Background Checks

Along with US Youth Soccer, it is the intent of Wyoming Youth Soccer (WYS) and its affiliated clubs to protect to the fullest extent possible the participants of WYS programs and sanctioned events. Consequently, any adult volunteer or employee seeking to participant in such programs and events, who will be responsible for the supervision, care and guidance of a minor, must meet the requirements of a WYS adult participant.

This process begins at the club level. When an adult seeks to participate, a profile – such as a coach, assistant coach, referee or team official, is created by the club’s registrar. An email is then sent asking the adult volunteer or employee to complete a WYS Background Information Disclosure and authorize and consent to a criminal history background check. Instructions on how to do that are included in the email. It is very important that prospective members answer the questions honestly. WYS is most concerned with arrests, plea bargains and convictions resulting from crime(s) of violence, crime(s) against a person or child, felony convictions of any kind, along with drug offenses, DUI/DWI and/or a MIPs.

Wyoming Youth Soccer and its affiliated clubs appreciate all of our adult volunteers and staff and do not want this process to discourage you from participating. Please be understanding and help us help protect all participants. If you have concerns or questions about your rights during this process please contact the state office or check out some of the links on this page.

Questions And Answers

Why does WSA require background checks?

Background checks are necessary to help non-profits such as Wyoming Soccer Association protect the vulnerable populations we serve.

From over 3.4 million volunteer background checks performed in a five-year period, more than 200,000 individuals with criminal records attempted to volunteer in the nonprofit sector. This included 3,900 sex-related convictions, 2,500 registered sex offenders, 37,400 drug-related convictions, and 651 murder convictions.

Regardless, the overwhelming majority of individuals who volunteer do so out of a desire to serve their communities or particular organizations. Background checks, as part of a comprehensive screening program, address the reality that some people will seek out volunteer opportunities with the intent of harming participants and/or staff or stealing money or property.

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Why should my background be checked? I’m a volunteer and I don’t get paid.

As a volunteer for Wyoming Soccer Association (WSA), you are very likely to have direct contact with the children WSA serves. WSA must be diligent to ensure that we fully protect the youth players and referees we serve and support the volunteers who serve them.

The screening also benefits you. A thorough screening allows you to feel more confident about serving with your fellow volunteers. Along with your commitment to being an outstanding volunteer, you know that the volunteers working alongside you have also been screened to ensure a safer environment for everyone.

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Okay, but I don’t want my credit checked.

WSA background checks do not include credit reports. Typically a background check will look for felony and misdemeanor convictions in your past. A background check will also take steps to verify your identity.

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What if I have an old conviction? Can I still be a volunteer?

Wyoming Soccer Association (WSA) has developed guidelines that determine which offenses in a volunteer’s background could prohibit a volunteer from serving or limit their duties.

If you have questions about WSA's policies, please contact the state office.

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What if incorrect information is found on my background check report? How do I dispute that information?

There is a federally required process in place to help you if inaccurate information is returned on your background check report. If incorrect information is found on your report, we can provide guidance to help you in getting that data removed.

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Then contact the state office for more information or guidance.


To review WSA's current guidelines on background checks, please click here.

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