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Insurance Coverage

While participating in WYS sanctioned activities, players, coaches, administrators and volunteers, properly registered with WYS and one of its affiliated clubs, are provided secondary medical insurance. In addition there is coverage under a primary general liability policy for bodily injury or property damage to spectators, game participants, and to members of the general public.

Injury claims against the medical insurance must be submitted to WYS within 90 days of the occurrence of the injury. Medical claims are submitted online. For approval of claims for injuries that occurred during participation or travel to any event out of USYS Region IV, a properly executed notification of travel must have been submitted and approved.


The Parent or League Guardian Must Submit the Claim Information

  1. The injured player’s parent or legal guardian will access the online claim form by following the INSURANCE CLAIM FORM link, to the left.

  2. Click on the appropriate state soccer association – WYOMING YOUTH SOCCER (WYS) and a new screen will appear with the medical claims process overview. Please read this carefully!

  3. After continuing through the overview pages the parent/guardian will input the claimant information.

Confirmation Emails

After completing Section V – Statement of Certification / Authorization to Release Information and submitting the report an automatic email will be generated. The email will advise the parent the report has been submitted to WYS and it is awaiting review; WYS will also receive a copy of the email. The email will serve as notice to the WYS that a medical claim has been reported and needs to be reviewed.

Wyoming Youth Soccer Review and Verification

  1. A Wyoming Youth Soccer official will review each claim and assign a status of Pending, Approved, or Denied.

  2. The insurance company claims administrator will then get a copy of the approved claim form.

  3. If the claim is Denied WYS will indicate the reason for the denial and an email will be sent to the parent informing them of the denial and instructing them to contact WYS with any questions.

Please feel free to contact the state office with any questions or concerns you may have regarding the online claims submission. Email or call 307-742-2306

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