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Most forms and documents are pdf files. For best results always use the most current version of Adobe or other pdf reader available. If you don't find the form you need please contact the office.


  • Support Hotline Number: (904) 746-4446


Player Age Bracket - For Soccer Year 2015.2016

Player Permission to Multi-Roster - Allows a player to play on two teams with two different WYS affiliated clubs. The state office and each club must approve this permission.

Interclub and/or Interstate Release Request - To request permission to be released from a player’s current, WYS affiliated club for the purpose of joining another WYS affiliated club.

  • Use when relocating to another STATE, during the current seasonal year, and that state requests a release from Wyoming.

  • It is the responsibility of the player and his/her parent or guardian to provide this form to the appropriate parties from WYS and USYS. The state office and each club must approve these requests.

Permission to Play in a Neighboring State - For WYS players wanting to play in another RIV state.

Player and Team Travel - Forms, instructions and the WYS travel policy. Out of state travel notification or permission must be submitted from a team's GotSoccer account. Contact your club registrar or the state office for assistance.

Sit Out Verification Form - Form must be signed and submitted on all Red Cards, Accumulated Yellow Cards, Parent or Coaching Ejections

2015-2016 Additional Waiver and Release of Liability - Required for a player who is requesting to play 3 or more years above their true age group.  One copy must be sent to the WYS State Office for approval and One Copy kept in Team Book for Check in (Except for U15 - U18 teams)

2015.2016 Player Medical Release - Required for all players, must be carried by coaches to games and tournament.

Member Registration Form - This form can be used for gathering participant information or for making or updating member profiles. It also includes a consent for medical treatment and waiver of liability.

WYS Yearly Re-affiliation and Board/Club Update Form - The term of membership for a WYS affiliated club is one seasonal year (August 1 – July 31) and will automatically renew on August 1. To continue in good standing for the rest of the year this form and the affiliation fee must be submitted no later than September 1 of each seasonal year. A $10 per month late fee will be added to the $100 fee for every month past September the re-affiliation fee is not paid.

Regional Tournament Commitment Form - This must be completed and submitted by December 18th, 2015 for any team wanting to attend either Presidents Cup or Far West Regionals in 2016.  Additional conditions may apply.  Available in October of 2016




  • WYS Player pdf doc. Print and complete

  • WYS Player Word doc. Fillable

  • WYS ODP – pdf doc. Print and complete  -  15.16 ODP Season is Currently Closed

  • WYS ODP – Word doc. Fillable  -  15.16 ODP Season is Currently Closed


Tournament Hosting Application - All WYS tournament must submit a complete application via mail or email.  16.17 Form under revision for Birth Year Changes - Please Contact the State Office for more information

Post Tournament Report 

RULES, PROCEDURES AND POLICIES - All WYS rules, policies, and procedures are subject to change at any time. New rules, policies and procedures go into effect once enacted or at a time specified; rules, policies and procedures are reviewed and ratified at the annual general meeting. Contact the state office or an executive board member if you need clarification.

WYS Rules and Procedures -

WYS Financial Policies and Procedures - For WYS Programs.

Reimbursement Request - For WYS staff and board, WYS ODP, and WYO 307 teams. Please fill this form out completely. Incomplete forms will be returned.

Wyoming League Rules and Procedures -These rules, policies, and procedures are supplemental to, but do not supersede, WYS Rules and Procedures, and are subject to change at any time. New rules, policies and procedures go into effect as soon as they are enacted or at a time specified. Posted rules, policies and procedures may not always be current. Contact the state office or an executive board member if you are unsure.

WYO 307 Rules & Procedures - These rules and procedures are supplemental to, but do not supersede, WYS Rules and Procedures, and are subject to change at any time. 

WYO 307 Team Application - This form should be used by any new team applying.

Risk Management Manual - Under development

Summary of Your Rights under the Fair Credit Reporting Act

Zero Tolerance Policy - Effective May 19, 2015


Medical Insurance Claim Form - An online claim should be submitted as soon as possible after a covered accident has occurred.

Insurance Coverage Outline - 2015.2016 - Medical and Liability

Additional & Optional Insurance Coverage Contact Pullen Insurance


WYS 2015.2016  Fees and Services

Refund and Cancellation Policy

Merchant Services
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